Frequent Questions + Responses

Last Updated on 5 January 2024

1. How does anonymity work?

SLAA is very protective of the anonymity of its members. Accordingly, meetings are normally closed to outsiders and those who are merely curious. At meetings and for all program matters, we only identify ourselves by our first name (and the initial of our surname, to avoid confusion with others who have the same first name). We also keep confidential the proceedings of meetings and minutes are not kept. 

2. How much does the program cost?

There is no charge for SLAA membership or attending meetings. However, a basket will be passed around at a meeting for voluntary contributions to cover meeting costs such as tea and coffee, rent and insurance.

3. What happens at meetings?

Meetings have a variety of formats including guest speaker and steps study. Meetings allow members to share their experience, strength and hope in the program and what’s presently happening for them spiritually and emotionally. Australian meetings generally last 90 minutes – although there are some 1-hour meetings. You can gain additional understanding of meetings by sampling the SLAA meeting formats detailed at our international web site.

4. Do I have to speak at a meeting?

No, you do not. You may be asked to identify yourself by your first name only.

5. What’s a Power Greater than Ourselves?

We in SLAA believe we suffer from an illness which can be alleviated by a spiritual experience. A “Power Greater than Ourselves” is a power by which we can obtain this spiritual experience. If we are religious, this may be our God; if not; it may be as simple as a SLAA group. When we speak of God, we mean the god or higher power of your own understanding. SLAA is a spiritual program, but it is not a religious program. It is not associated with any religion or with any other organisation.

6. How long does the program last?

The program lasts for as long (or as short) as you want. There is no set period. The twelve steps are able to be completed in 12-18 months on average.

7. What is the HOW concept?

‘HOW’ stands for being Honest, Open-minded and Willing to listen. The HOW concept is now endorsed by SLAA. It is a set of tools for working the 12 steps which some of us have found to be effective in our struggle with sex and love addiction. Many Australian meetings practice the HOW approach; but some do not.

8. How do I become a member?

SLAA has no formal joining process. A member is any person who identifies as a sex or love addict.

9. What is considered inappropriate to share?

Generally avoid anything specific about your sexual behaviour including names of venues, sex workers, pornographic websites, places, and specific ways you have acted out.

10. What is a Sponsor? / How do I get one?

A sponsor is a person in recovery with more time and experience than ourselves who helps guide us through the 12 Steps of SLAA. More information here.

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