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Last Updated on 18 April 2024

Other recovery writing

The following books are often used by participants within 12-step programs and therapy.
We have found them to be helpful for finding and living the new recovery life.
The views of the authors come out of their own personal research and therapy with people in recovery.
This is non-SLAA literature. For program literature, go here.

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– all of these books are available as either ebooks or physical, except the ones marked [PB only] which are only available in physical book form.

Classic books dealing with sex and love addiction

Patrick Carnes

For partners of sex addicts

Pornography Addiction

Pornography Addiction – Fortify (Fight the New Drug)

Additional Books on recovery from addiction

General addiction

Gabor Mate

Russell Brand

Family of origin work

John Bradshaw

Understanding and dealing with codependency

Melody Beattie

Pia Mellody

Dealing with Trauma

The Body Keeps the ScoreBessel Van Der Kolk
– available in Paperback, Kindle and Audible

What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing – Oprah Winfrey and Bruce Perry
– available in Paperback, Kindle and Audible

Working with emotions

Susan David

Jonice Webb

Laurel Mellin

Anna Lembke

Tristen & Jon Collins

Johann Hari

David Richo

Sober Dating

Other recommended reading

Brené Brown

Richard Rohr ofm

Pema Chödrön

Robert Glover

Bonnie Badernoch

Iain McGilchrist

Alice Miller

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