Meeting essentials

Last Updated on 6 January 2024

Meeting Pack – download here:

  • Order literature for your meeting from the Australian SLAA website:
  • Now with Free Postage on all orders – thanks to the generosity of other SLAA members

This document will give you all the cards that are needed in a face-to-face or online meeting. Laminate them to make it extra fancy. The 12-page pack includes the HOW Concepts & Tools; How it works; 12 Steps; 12 Traditions; 12 Promises; 7 Blessings; 12 Characteristics of S&LA; 12 Signs of Recovery; Serenity Prayer; Third Step Prayer & more.

Sign In Sheets

Use these on a clipboard to add a bit of professional flare to the sign-in process and to make newcomers feel welcome.
there are 4 versions (1 for larger meetings – single page; 1 for smaller meetings, 2 per page; and 14 or 30 days versions)
includes space for name, phone, first time, shared last week, available for outreach and 14-days or 30-days sober
>> Sign-In-Sheet (A4 size)
>> Sign-In-Sheet (US Letter size)
Print the page that suits your particular meeting. A4 and Letter versions available.

Open or Closed Meeting?

SLAA members highly value our traditions of anonymity. Group conscience determines whether a meeting shall be “open” or “closed.” In general, the following guidelines are used:

Open Meeting. A meeting open to anyone who wants to find out more about recovery from sex and love addiction.

Closed Meeting. A meeting open only to those having a desire to stop living out a pattern of sex and love addiction.

What Kinds of SLAA Meetings Are There?

There are many meeting formats in SLAA. Each meeting’s format is decided by group conscience and is subject to change by that group. Here are some common meeting formats. Several of these formats may be combined in any meeting.

Speaker Meeting. One or more members of SLAA share experience, strength and hope by telling their “stories.” Each speaker’s story provides an opportunity to reflect on our own history, feeling and challenges.

Topic Discussion Meeting. A specific recovery topic is suggested by the members or taken from SLAA literature. When this type of meeting is combined with a Speaker format, members may also be invited to share how they relate to the speaker’s story.

Step Meeting. The group focuses on one of the Twelve Steps, often reading out of the SLAA. Basic Text, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. The group might also have one person speak on the Step. The meeting is then open for other members to share on that Step.

Getting Current Meeting. Members are encouraged to briefly share with the group the recent or ongoing emotional, physical and spiritual challenges to their sobriety or to ask for help if they are in danger of acting out. Sometimes an entire meeting is devoted to getting current.

Newcomer Meeting. The meeting addresses specific concerns of newcomers to SLAA or beginners on the road to recovery. Topics often revolve around the first three Steps, sponsorship, bottom lines, abstinence or withdrawal.

Quick Share Meetings. These are focussed on allowing as many people as possible to share. There is usually little reading to allow more time for sharing.

Meditation Meeting. These meetings usually begin with a period of silent meditation to allow members time and space to disconnect from the stress of the day and connect with their own higher power.

Other types of SLAA meetings also exist. If you have questions about a meeting, ask local members about it.

Sample Meeting formats

Sample Meeting formats – physical and video meetings

These provides notes for the meeting chairperson to lead a meeting.

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