Search for Serenity

Last Updated on 6 January 2024

The search is yours and mine. Each finds his way with help, but yet alone.

Serenity is the goal. It comes to those who learn to wait and grow, for each can learn to understand himself and say, “I’ve found a joy in being me and knowing you, a knowledge of the depths I can descend, a chance to climb the heights above my head.”

The way is not so easy all the time. Our feet will stumble often as we go. A friend may need to give some extra help, as we once gave to others when in the hour of fear.

This is no picnic path that we have found, but yet compared to other days and other times, it seems a better route.

We lost our way before, in fear, guilt, and resentments held too long. Self-pity had its way with us; we found the perfect alibi for all our faults.

We do not know what life may bring from day to day. Tomorrow is a task not yet begun, and we could fail to pass its test.

But this will wait, while in today we do the best we can. Today we try to grow. Today we live, we seek to know, to give, to share, with you.

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