Sample Sponsor email

If someone has asked you to sponsor them, it is good to have some idea how to proceed. A version of this was shared with me by my sponsor. Personalise it to make it yours. Thanks for asking me to be your sponsor. I appreciate the privilege to be working with you. Please find attached […]

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Maintaining Recovery

After completing the twelve steps in SLAA, the journey of recovery has only just begun! It is important to remain fully engaged within the program. One of the best ways to remain engaged in a full life of recovery is through service. Being a sponsor to others has been demonstrated as the best way to

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Guide to Steps 10-12

The final three steps are sometimes called the maintenance steps – because it is in practising these steps that we remain in recovery. Although it is possible to complete these steps relatively quickly, we continue to work these steps for the rest of our lives. The HOW questions in this section refer to additional AA

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Guide to Steps 6-9

In Steps 6 & 7 we begin to deal with the character defects (some prefer to call them character defences) that were highlighted by Steps 4 & 5. In Steps 8 & 9 we begin to acknowledge our side of the street – that we hurt people (including ourselves) by our addictive behaviour and start

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Guide to Steps 4-5

Once we had completed the first three Steps in the program, it was time to start on Step Four. This could often seem a daunting undertaking and it was one of the Steps in the program where many of us faltered, evaded, and occasionally slipped. Our sponsor’s experience, love, support and encouragement were all the

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Guide to Steps 1-3

The first step after finding a sponsor is to begin looking at your sexual acting out. What are the behaviours that are most problematic? What are the things that continue to get you into trouble? What brings the most shame? The first 7 days The first seven days are dedicated to this process – called

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Sponsorship guide

Finding a Sponsor Starting out in recovery for many of us was overwhelming. It is a huge gift to find a sponsor to be honest with on our journey. To start working the Twelve Steps we needed to find a sponsor who had already finished at least Step Three. We found the best way to

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