Recovery Google Drive

All of the files on this website, plus many more, are included in a Google Drive folder that you can add to your own account. 1 Introduction 2 Sponsorship 3 Meetings 4 Sober Dating 5 Other Resources 6 Other Programs 7 Anorexia SASH The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health provides a great […]

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Meeting essentials

Meeting Pack – download here: Sign In Sheets Use these on a clipboard to add a bit of professional flare to the sign-in process and to make newcomers feel welcome.there are 4 versions (1 for larger meetings – single page; 1 for smaller meetings, 2 per page; and 14 or 30 days versions)includes space for name, phone,

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Meeting Safety Statement

The Australian Intergroup has adopted the following statement in October 2023. It is adapted from the AA Safety Card, and provides general guidance on the issue of safety within Intergroup. As each group is autonomous, the statement is offered to groups to adopt, adapt or ignore, according their Group Conscience. Tradition Five states: Each group has

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