Night Prayer of St Augustine

Last Updated on 6 January 2024

The prayer surrounds your loved ones with heavenly protection.

There exist many night prayers in the vast treasury of prayers. One very brief but beautiful prayer is commonly attributed to St Augustine, from the 5th century. What is unique about this prayer is that it not only prays for the person about to fall asleep, but also prays for their loved ones. The prayer entrusts them to God and asks his protecting grace to surround and comfort them.

Watch, Lord, with those who work or wake or weep tonight.
Give the angels and saints charge over those who sleep.
O Lord Jesus Christ, tend your sick ones,
rest Your weary ones,
bless Your dying ones,
soothe the suffering ones,
pity all the afflicted ones,
shield the joyful ones,
and all for Your love’s sake.

St Augustine of Hippo

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